Le temps d’un SMS

Hello Mary ,

Here’s a link to HiMind’s website. They specialise in gifted profiles of all ages and offer an interesting range of tailored services & support to the intent of these specific profiles.

My mum quickly mentioned your grandson’s bullying situation at school which I’m ever so sorry to learn about….

It made me think of a mediation service (amongst many other possibilities available too) that HiMind dispenses that might be of interest to your grandson and family in general I was wondering?

I had the pleasure of meeting with HiMind as regards a total different matter. I was really really pleased and I personally recommend them to anyone experiencing trouble with the theme or struggling to find answers or solutions in that regard.

They are filling in a great void in Switzerland with a lot of heart & talent I find.

Sometimes, it just takes one to know one you know ? And, since at HiMind, sharing the gifted profile is a given, your grandson should no doubt feel comforted from the start just from that fact of being in contact with people who will naturally be inclined to sympathise effectively with his issues, which, if you ask me, is already medicine in itself quite honestly !

Perhaps you’ll like to give HiMind a try ?

I hope you are well ?

See you soon !

Happy Sunday